Whoo: Bicheop Ja Saeng Essence

It contains chojaha bidan which has skin self-generation effect and Gongjin bidan, Gyeong ok bidan, Gyeong ok bidan, cheongsim bidan which are three secret noble processes from Royal court you can experience self-generation, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing, elasticity improvement and better complexion of skin with continuous use of Bichup autogenous Essence for more than 2 weeks.

Whoo BICHOP - 140 x 120 cm - Copy

The History of Whoo embodies regal beauty through the use of traditional Korean royal beauty secrets.

The History of Whoo was launched in 2003 by LG Household & Healthcare group,

and it’s the most premium cosmetics brand of LG Household & Healthcare

The History of Whoo entered China in 2006, there are over 97 shoppes in Chinese big cities