About 3SH

3SH is the sole distributor in Cambodia with South Korea’s LG Group. In November 2012 to set up headquarters in Cambodia, and quickly set up shoppe in major cities in Cambodia.

Our core values

3S stands for Smart, Strong and Smile, namely smart idea, strong bake up and service with a smile.

Our mission

To become one of the quality of cosmetics and health products company at Southeast Asia, and working harder to give employees and customers a happy.

Our products

We have always insisted on the concept of natural skin, Helping everyone to pursue their efforts to achieve a beautiful dream. Especially for Asian skin types, climatic conditions at Southeast Asia, providing a full range of all kinds of brands, including: O HUI, Whoo, LEADERS, IT’S SKIN etc. And continued to find a variety of quality products for the Beauty market. To bring a new trend in Cambodia.Except beauty products, household items are 3SH core business too, Seeking the green concept of environmental protection of daily necessities. They include: oral products (toothpaste, toothbrushes) Cleansing care (soaps, body care) Hair Care (shampoo, hair conditioner) clothes cleaning (detergent, softener), etc., To care your beauty and health.

CEO Message

The company has excellent management team, a complete education and training and the importance of personal values. cherished every employee. Pursuit of the business model beyond the self and collaboration between the team morale and motivating all my colleagues toward the goal of growing, 3SH through the kind of customer service and innovation management, providing all kinds of maintenance makeup and household goods, to bring consumers a new fashion The concept of life. The Beauty and common household items to the pinnacle of excellence, bringing consumers a new feast.